There totally could have been life on Venus like, billions of years ago.

Hear me out, I was in my driveway and I looked up and saw Venus in the sky, and to be honest, I was not quite sure if it was Venus. I was like, 95% sure, but I had to go online and check and yeah, it was Venus. But then I just started reading shit about Venus, specifically this, during the bit about the geography of the Venusian surface (man that is a weird word to write), thinking, Yeah, that sounds like it used to be an ocean, and that used to be a continent. One day, if the sun doesn't expand all the way out to Earth, other people could, billions and billions of years later, be saying that about our planet.
But of course, that made me think that obviously if I'm thinking that about Venus, couldn't there have quite possibly been life on Venus? Because scientists say (in that same article, even) that they think there used to be water there.

Also, while reading about sun expansion, I read what may have been the most inane thing I have ever read/heard/somehow came across, at least from someone who is (supposedly) an intelligent person.

Is it probable that life on earth will survive that long, or will asteroids wipe us out before then?

Probability wise, it's likely that the Human Race will have been killed off by the time the Sun leaves the Main Sequence. I don't think that any species in history has dominated the Earth for that long. Of course we could be the first....

Of course we could be the first, you idiot! I think we're a bit more advanced than the dinosaurs. I think we're a little more equipped for surviving than any other species on the planet, ever, and good lord but I would think that should be obvious. Just because some idiot lizards died off does not mean that humans, with our civilizations, language, technology, you know, those higher level thinking skills that we have, will also die off in the same time frame.

and now on a completely different note, something I was thinking about on the drive home after picking up sam. err, dropping her off. whatever.

I was thinking about Kaiser, and how she's having a baby, and it made me think about if one day I want to have kids and all that. I've thought about it a couple times since she's got pregnant, and once I actually had a bit of a pregnancy scare myself and almost wanted to have a child (though I only actually said that because I wasn't really worried about being pregnant, I didn't think I was) but anyway the point is, I was thinking about having a child and I started thinking about if the woman I would be with would want to be the mother or if I would.

And then I stopped, and realized that I had just automatically assumed that if I was having a child, I would be having it with a woman. And that got me thinking about a lot of different things, and I think I've finally figured some stuff out about myself.

I'm bisexual, I've known that for a long time. I have to admit, though, I'm still a pussy when it comes to girls, so I've only had one serious relationship with a girl, and I was only with a girl one other time, and that was just a one-time thing, tbh and she's not even bisexual, I don't think, just... adventurous so even though I know I'm bi I still mostly date/fool around with guys. But now that I've actually given it some serious thought, I think that I could only be in a committed, long-term relationship with a girl. And actually, that's probably another reason why I'm more scared to form relationships with women.

Sorry. I got distracted again by reading about outer space. I'm going to get some blueberry pomegranate juice, possibly have a strawberry, then head to bed and watch some Wolf's Rain. Ta.