This is all I can do, I need fucking prompts to write a single fucking sentence.

#01 - Comfort - There was comfort in entwining her fingers with his, a comfort she hadn't had in so long she could barely recognize the feeling.

#02 - Kiss - "That was a good kiss, the best kiss I think."

#03 - Soft - His hair falls around his face like a beautiful, soft halo.

#04 - Pain - There is nothing more heart-wrenchingly painful than being disappointed when all you want is to be happy.

#05 - Worry - Every little thing makes her worry, and he says, "it's fine, it's going to be fine," and, Lord, how she wishes she could believe him.

#06 - Rain - The girl dances in the rain while the boy marvels at his luck.

#07 - Waste/Wasteland - "Don't tell me you're an alcoholic."

#08 - Happiness - Happiness is a double-edged sword because even though she's happy now, she knows it will not last long.

#09 - Telephone - All she wants is to talk to him but the boy doesn't even have a cell phone, just a fucking beeper and really, who the fuck has beepers these days?

#10 - Ears - He knows all her secret spots.

#11 - Name - "I'll tell you things that will make you not want to call me Taco anymore, you'll want to call me Eric."

#12 - Sensual - He makes her feel sexy and beautiful all at once.

#13 - View - "Put those 32's back on, I like the view."

#14 - Sex - All she has to do is look at him, adopt the smallest of grins, raise her eyebrow the tiniest amount, and he already knows what she's thinking.

#15 - Touch - "I like that I can touch you whenever I want."

#16 - Weakness - Sometimes she looks at him and she can't even tell his strengths from his weaknesses.

#17 - Tears - She's never cried more than on his account.

#18 - Speed - The speed at which he moves is slightly terrifying, but she can't stop it, she doesn't even want to.

#19 - Balcony - There is no balcony they cannot climb to, no roof they cannot conquor, no hill or cliff or tree that cannot be dominated by them.

#20 - Freedom - He has no freedom, none at all, his only escape is to forget his captivity in her eyes.

#21 - Life - Life is hard, and his harder than most.

#22 - Jealousy - She's his first, and he's irrationally jealous of everyone she's ever had before.

#23 - Hands - Weeks later, her hand still hurts.

#24 - Taste - "You taste like sex - I like it."

#25 - Devotion - His level of devotion is entirely too much; it's flattering but scary.

#26 - Forever - "I want you to be my girl for a long time, if I have anything to say about it, forever."

#27 - Blood - His fingers trail up and down her spine and the blood in her veins feels like it's on fire.

#28 - Forgotten - "I don't care if you forget, because I won't."

#29 - Melody - "I'm just trying to find a decent melody, a song I can sing in my own company."

#30 - Star - He can't confuse it with a star anymore; it's the brightest thing in the sky - just like her.

#31 - Home - They say home is where the heart is and if that's the case, home is wherever she decides she wants to go.

#32 - Confusion - She can't decide, she can't understand, she can't figure out what she should do about him and all his fucking up.

#33 - Fear - She wants to prove herself, she needs to prove it to herself, but everything's falling apart and she can't do a God damn thing to stop it.

#34 - Regret - She can't tell which decisions she will come to regret, and which she will come to cherish.

#35 - Bonds - Commitment is not her strong suit, every bond is another thing tying her down and she knows she has to leave.

#36 - Market - She knows there's much better men if she'd just shop around, but she doesn't want anyone else.

#37 - Time - There simply is not enough time, even when there is too much it's not enough.

#38 - Gift - She wishes there was something she could do, some magic phrase she could say, some awesome gift she could give that would wake him up, but she's at a loss.

#39 - Smile - That lazy, happy, dorky smile is all she wants to see.

#40 - Innocence - She's far from innocent, he knows, but when her eyes widen in surprise and confusion she's as virginal as Mother Mary.

#41 - Completion - Laying in bed, limbs intertwined, she finally feels complete.

#42 - Bother - She never wants to be a bother, but he wants her to be and isn't that the sweetest thing.

#43 - Sky - Every time they go outside after dark, her neck is constantly craned up, staring at the stars.

#44 - Heaven/#45 - Hell - She's never had a relationship like this before. An emotional rollar coaster, every day could be heaven or it could be hell.

#46 - Horizon - It's beautiful, especially at sunset, but her happiness is tainted because no matter how beautiful the sky, no matter how far you walk, you never reach the horizon.

#47 - Water - When they're at a loss, they head East - towards the endless ocean and reflect on how they wish they could be as endless as the waves and the water.

#48 - Waves - The waves were huge that night.

#49 - Hair - He's never done anything to his hair, just let it grow straight out after shaving it all off, but she loves it and he loves that she loves it.

#50 - Believe - She just wants someone she can believe in, and how can she believe you when you said you were fine and now you're sitting in jail?