Watched a sunset
Watched a sunrise
Stayed up all night
Had a slumber party
Been on stage
Sang in a chorus or choir
Sang alone
Pet a cow
Sat on a roof

Played beach volleyball
Spent over $500 in one day.
Spent over $1,000 in one day

Crashed a car
Walked into a wall
Tripped on yourself

Laughed so hard you peed
Cried yourself to sleep
Cried happy tears
Sang your country's national anthem solo
Watched a movie in the front row
Hooked up with someone in the movie theatre
Drank hard liquor
Had someone draw on you while you were sleeping
Jumped for joy!
Hated your appearance

Felt beautiful
Been dumped
Been the dumper

Gone 'all four bases'
Ate a whole box of Oreos
Gotten a shirt customized
Slept outside
Had a closet filled with stuff
Painted a room
Fallen in love
Forgiven and forgotten
Bought something off the TV
Walked everywhere
Fallen off a bike

Swam 10 laps without taking a break
Won a medal or trophy for a sport
Got on honor roll
Missed someone

Had a crush on a teacher
Failed a class
Hooked up with someone of the opposite sex
Hooked up with someone of the same sex
Been around the world
Went rock climbing
Been hiking
Gone water-skiing

Felt alive
Been in a limo
Knit something
Cried on someone's shoulder
Let someone cry on your shoulder
Stalked someone
...on Facebook
Had over 1000 friends on Facebook or Myspace
Held a baby
Pinched someone's cheeks
Gotten a massage

Felt completely relaxed
Got all sweaty from playing a sport
Eaten rotten food
Eaten at a 5-star restaurant
Visited all the major cities in America
Dated someone you never thought you'd be interested in
Been on a boat
Went on an overnight school trip
Been on a really big roller coaster
Thought you were gonna die
Lived your life

I am...
a hippie.
a makeup artist.
a mother.
known for something.
a crazy cat lady.
a drummer for a band.
a rapper.
a pyschologist.

someone people can come to when they need advice.
like my mother.
strong, emotionally.
strong, physcially.

someone's everything.
a model.
a public speaker.
an astronaut. (i just bought this shirt yesterday! lol convenient.)
right about my prediction of the future.
wrong about my prediction of the future.
close to someone.
left alone.

an author.

01. i live on a corner.
02. i have a body piercing.
03. i can't paint.
04. i like scrabble.
05. i like scattergories.
06. i love cookies and cream chocolate.
07. i love summer.
08. i live by the ocean.

09. i've tasted play-doh.
10. my house has 4+ bedrooms.
11. i have a simple street name.
12. i lose things often.
13. i sometimes like to read.

14. my cell phone is mint.
15. i love the sims.
16. i like tilly and the wall.
17. i've never heard of tilly and the wall.
18. i've been to the mall this week.
19. i am hardly ever home.
20. i'm paranoid of sharks in the water.
21. i've been to new york.
22. i'm kind of looking forward to school. ( college.)
23. i love back-to-school shopping.
24. my garbage is full.
25. i don't do my own laundry.
26. i have a dog.
27. at one time i had a hamster.
28. someone has stolen money from me.
29. i like crayons.
30. i like nicole richie.
31. i like vodka.
32. i own a dane cook cd.
33. i've tried to solve a rubik's cube.
32. it's hot out.
35. i have air conditioning in my room.
36. i love johnny depp.

37. i have seen pirates 2.
38 ...more than once.
39. i have a gameboy color.
40. i have nintendo 64.
41. i watch family guy.
42. i brush my teeth more than twice a day.
43. i have no interest in sports.

44. i play the guitar.
45. i play the piano.
46. i have naturally wavy hair.
47. i have naturally straight hair.
48. i have naturally curly hair.
49. i have gotten a killer tan.
50. i like subway sandwiches.
51. something is bothering me right now.
52. i have a pool.
53. i wish i had a pool.
54. speaking of pools, sometimes i like to play pool.
55. i am looking forward to a vacation this summer.
56. i am going on vacation with my family.
57. i am going on vacation with a friend's family.
58. i am bringing a friend with me on vacation.
59. i like cereal.
60. i am watching tv.
61. i want a tattoo.
62. i want a tattoo in memory of someone.
63. i have no concept of time.
64. so far this survey is bad.
65. so far this survey is good.
66. so far this survey is aiight.
67. i have plans to go on a boat tomorrow.
68. it is supposed to be hot tomorrow.
69. i am growing sick of the heat.
70. i have a lot of jewelry.
71. i am a good speller.
72. i have bought a bootleg movie.
73. i have straight teeth.
74. where is my retainer?
75. i like hello kitty.
76. i like the disney channel.
77. i like my middle name.
78. i know what i'm gonna name my kids.
79. my room is a mess.
80. i have gone to sleepaway camp.

81. i am going to camp this summer.