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First Degree Sexual AssaultCollapse )

Second Degree Sexual AssaultCollapse )

Third Degree Sexual AssaultCollapse )

Fourth Degree Sexual AssaultCollapse )

Sexual Exploitation by a Therapist.Collapse )

So why is the fine for Third Degree 15k more than Second Degree? Why isn't there anything in Exploitation by a Therapist about losing their license? How confusingly worded is part 3 of Second Degree?
Not that anyone who reads my friends' page cares, but cut for spoilers for 4.00 Time Crash.Collapse )
So for my scavenger hunt I got The Encyclopedia on Prostitution and Sex Work (caused, brothels, sexual), war, and The Blind Girl.Collapse )
I also had to write a sonnet.Collapse )
In which I did not do all the specified requirements, but whatev. I did the ones that are relevant to sonnets, and I ended with all the ending sounds she wanted me to, but there was some other shit I was supposed to adhere to which I did not.
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endlessly.Collapse )
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edit: thoughts of a dying atheist.Collapse )
See, the thing that's so great about the Master (besides his hilarious personality and cute/quirky/hot good looks and music taste) is that his name is already Master, which for me is really really really really hot convenient.

edit: I wonder if I ever hooked up with the guy who played the Master on New Who if he would be weirded out if I wanted to call him the Master, or if he'd think it's hot.
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Melissa, the sweet young schoolgirl finds herself kidnapped. She is grabbed from behind, tightly tied, gagged with her own underwear, and thrown into the trunk of a car. This is a continuing series - what will happen to her next?

There should be a comma between 'schoolgirl' and 'finds', but at least they put the oxford comma in that list.
In order to know what Sasquatch is, we must first know what he is not. He is not real. It is imperative that we understand this concept. He. Is. Not. Real. What Sasquatch is is everything else. He is a footprint in the snow. He is a blur in a shitty polaroid picture. He is an article in a tabloid. He is married to my sister. He is the missing link. He is the Yeti, he is the Lock Ness Monster, he is ghosts and witches and vampires and the Bermuda Triangle. He is a belief, a passtime, a lifestyle. He is a mystery.
My father's truck always reminded me of machines tearing down rain forests
of off-shore oil drills and fat, laughing executives
7 miles to the gallon on a good day.

My father's truck always reminded me of Martin Luthor King Jr
of civil rights and oppression and misogyny
my mother hated big trucks.

My father's truck always reminded me of Pinoccio
of Pleasure Island and of mean little boys who never grow up
he never could say no to a new toy.

My father's truck always reminds me of breaking glass
his windshield, his marriage, his family
all of it shattered.
Senketsu ni somaroCollapse )
My shoes I've had as long as I can remember.
Five dollars at a garage sale,
good quality for the price.
Made of fabric that used to be black
but has been leeched away to a spotty grey
in which I sometimes see my reflection
when I'm looking another way.

My shoes are tied up with bits of twine and safety pins
laces abandoned them long ago.
Ragged and dirty, the twine binds my shoes tight to my feet
a welcome straight-jacket for my toes.
While the pins silence my shoes' outspoken tongues
Stabbing down through the tough flesh.
All these needles in my voodoo shoes.

My shoes have been crying, I can tell
The eyelets are a watery pink
Tear stains all down the sides.
They hate the running, they hate the rain
They're tired and cold and long overdue for rest
So on the worst of nights I'll zip them up inside my jacket,
and hug them close to my heart.

My shoes take me where ever I go
But I don't blame them for where I end up.
In heaven I'll be running barefoot
and my shoes will retire to God's closet.
When Jack saunters into the Hub with his cheeky grin and his perfectly disheveled clothing, it is easy for Ianto to say no.

When Jack stumbles through the doorway, his eyes wide with unshed tears and his voice quiet and cracking, it isn't.

When Jack looks at Gwen with longing and disappointment, when he corners her, alone together in his office, it is easy for Ianto to say he doesn't love him.

When Jack stares into his eyes and tells him that through all people, all the planets, all the times, he's never met anyone like him, like here, like now, it isn't.
This is an immensely incredible piece. I am honestly speechless when it comes to analyzing this. To me, it is perfect. It relates to my life entirely. Every single word is TOTALLY relevant. Publish this PLEASE! I think zillions of people can find solace in this.
I cleaned and rearranged my room and I was so proud that I decided to take pictures and share them with you! I'll give you a tour, clockwise, through my dorm room. (i cut out my roommate's stuff. her shit is messy.)

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except for the perkins bit

What is love?

edit: I love the biker who mysteriously vanishes.

my mother was really creeped out when i told her the story of the mysterious paid perkin's bill. as was i, but hey at least i didn't have to pay for the coffee.

edit: rip this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FwEQKiMmLA
woooooooooo that was nice.
Novelists Strike Fails To Affect Anyone.

Quote of the day: "Tell me, or I'll bite your ear off and make a little boot out of it." - Leprechaun
"And the desperate search began..."
lol Collapse )

So my sister's workplace is fecking weird. really. it freaks me out. anyway, on to more studying!
<td align="center"> QuizGalaxy.com!

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edited to add this:

Mel Pills:

Will cause addiction to quoting random song lyrics

'What effect do you have on people?' at QuizGalaxy.com

LOL BILLIE PIPER. wtf are you doing.
The captions on these pictures make me lol.
# "Glorious" (bonus track) – 4:38

Throw Me The Statue :: Your Girlfriend’s Car
Throw Me The Statue :: Lolita
... Throw Me The Statue.
CaSeY: im sorta anti prep now shocking i know
CaSeY: i like me some country boys
Rose: lololol
Rose: soon you'll be on to rappers or something
Rose: then invironmental activists
Rose: then republicans
Rose: lol
CaSeY: lol
CaSeY: never republicans :-)

Rose: okay get this.
Rose: i'm advising
Rose: corinne on her boyfriend life
Rose: and i took the remote control
Rose: and i'm like, this is the control to your life
Rose: you've hit pause.
Rose: winter break you pressed play for a bit (she broke up with him) but then you pressed rewind (she got back together with him) and you've been furiously rewinding ever since
CaSeY: thats your roomie right
Rose: yeah
Rose: you need to press play, corinne.
Rose: in fact
Rose: i would go so far as to say
Rose: you need to press stop
Rose: go back to the menu
Rose: and select a new scene.
Mortality doesn't really mean anything to Gwen anymore. She's seen people die. She's seen people come back to life. Everything's fluid. She's always been the first to rush into dangerous situations, but that was for the adrenaline, for the terror, for the rush that made her feel so alive. But now she feels no fear. Now she rushes in simply because she doesn't know what else to do.

And yes, Gwen sees death, but it's never them. It's never people she knows. It's never the team. The team would never let her die.

It's only other people who have that freedom.
Owen asks an unnecessary question: "What happened when Death walked the Earth?"
Gwen gives an unnecessary response: "People died."

and they were both serious. no one was being sarcastic. which makes it more lolworthy.
Awesome lyrics.Collapse )

Nothing More TerrifyingCollapse )