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Toshiko Sato
Tosh reached down and picked a flower from the garden, then rushed back inside to show her prize to her mother. Her mother smiled and said, "You'll make a man very happy someday."

Trevor surprised her in the kitchen with a bouquet of daffodils (daffodils, who gave bouquets of daffodils, really, he was adorable). Later that day he surprised her in the living room with an engagement ring.

"Tosh, I need you to run a check for rift activity in the fourteenth sector, pronto."

There are no flowers for Tosh anymore, and no mothers or boyfriends, either. Now, and forever, there is Torchwood.

Captain Jack Harkness
He throws himself into his work, he does. His team thinks Torchwood is all that matters to Jack Harkness, but they don't know anything about Jack's life before, about being a Time Agent, about being a con man, about the Doctor, and Rose, what Rose did to him, and why. If they did, they'd probably think Torchwood was just the latest in a long line of temporary solutions, and they'd probably be right.

But they don't know anything about Jack's past, the past that brought him here, the past that demanded he make Torchwood work properly this time. In his honor.

Ianto Jones
When Ianto sits down and thinks about his past, thinks about his life before Jack Harkness and the Hub and Myfanwy and making coffee, he still remembers Torchwood. A Torchwood much more painfully antiseptic; a clean-running, efficient bureaucracy that killed his lover. Turned her into a monster, turned him into a monster.

When Ianto sits down and thinks about his past he doesn't think about sunny weekends or the outdoors or the puppy he had when he was a kid. Torchwood has taken his past, as surely as it's taken his future. A tear runs unknowingly down his cheek, then drops.

Gwen Cooper
"I wanna be a copper!" shouts the little girl determinedly.

Her father chuckles. "I don't know, Gwen, being a cop isn't really a job for a girl."

"I don't care, I want to be a copper and I will be," she says sullenly.

"Of course you will, sweetheart."

And she was. She passed every test, every obstacle, every roadblock. She was an officer of the law, and it was nothing she thought it was. Mostly she gave out parking tickets. But along came Torchwood and her captain Jack Harkness and finally she was a copper, protecting the innocent citizens of England from evil.

Owen Harper
Owen Harper, before Torchwood, was a brilliant doctor. Now he only examined dead bodies.

Owen Harper, before Torchwood, did not know about dangerous aliens on the loose, about rifts in space and time that could be lethal. Now he could die at any time.

Owen Harper, before Torchwood, had no problem chatting up ladies at bars, at getting girlfriends and keeping them. Now he had to use alien pheromones to get laid.

Owen Harper, before Torchwood, was alive. Now he was stuck in some sort of half-dead limbo that, despite only being half-dead, was one hundred per-cent Hell.

Owen Harper, before Torchwood, was happy.