I'm looking for a blonde in a union jack.

A specific one, mind. I didn't wake up this morning with a craving.

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Alright, I'm sober now. I can do this.

I can tell already that you don't really care, but if that's the case you can just scroll down. Or up. Do whatever you feel. For those who are interested, or just really bored, this is me:

[highlight, delete]

A few of my life goals:
-jump out of an airplane
-drop acid
-go here
-get a tattoo
-go here
-go to burningman
-become a member of the mile high club
-live in amsterdam

If you want to friend me, that's a-okay. But just so you know, all the interesting entries (sex, drugs, rock and roll.) (on second thought, rock and roll entries are usually public) are friends-locked, so if you want to read those, you'll have to convince me to friend you back.